Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coming Soon: Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays

Dear Readers,
I've shared some of my angst in parenting my teen in my Monday Madness blog.  I took you through memories of parenting a high schooler with a look back to life with a middle schooler preparing for high school.  I'm happy to report that after one year of college, each day she shows more maturity and responsibility.  She completes her homework assignments.  She has two part time jobs and is on-time and responsible at work.  Oh, sure there are some moody days, missed chores, and later-than-curfew arrivals.  But all in all, things seem to be going more smoothly.  So I'm going to let her continue on this path of maturity and responsibility toward young adulthood with me on the sidelines cheering her on.

In place of Monday Madness, I plan to share marvelous middle grade novels that I've read, am reading, and want to read.  I've already shared some of Kate DiCammillo's wonderful books, and Rebecca Stead's as well.  There will be many more coming your way.  Please say tuned.  I promise to share as much and as often as I can.  

I will continue to post other children's book reviews on other days.  I plan to share Crazy and Fun books on Wednesdays, and have a Free for All on Fridays.  It's all about sharing children's books with parents, teachers, and grandparents, knowing that you will share them with your children, students, and grandchildren.  

Reading is Magical!  Let's continue our journey together.


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