Saturday, July 5, 2014

Guardian Angel June 2014 Releases

Guardian Angel Publisher, Lynda Burch: 
Announces June 2014 Releases
 Academic Wings

alligator cover 
How Alligator Got His Smile Back
Author, Jayne Moraski; Ilustrator,  Carl Kocich
 Have you ever met somebody who brags? Meet prehistoric Alligator and his best friend, the bragging Frog. As Frog’s bragging grows, see if Alligator can find a reason to smile again.

Guardian Angel Animals & Pets 
 hardcover and soft
 Author, Margo Cronbaugh Bean; Illustrator, Aumi Kauffman Perry
Xavier, Ella and Mia’s grandma and grandpa live on a farm in Iowa where they watch a silly colt named Rowdy grow up. But they discover one night he is not so silly but a brave horse who can save them.

Guardian Angel Animals & Pets cow wouldn't eat grass

The Cow That Wouldn’t Eat Grass
Author, Mel McIntyre; Illustrator, Eugene Ruble
 Chloe the Cow gets fed up with eating grass and decides to find tastier things to nibble on. She learns that other animals eat strange things—including some that taste disgusting—before realizing that her favorite food was right in front of her all the time. 

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  1. You are an amazing author and you are doing such an incredible job and your work is amazing. Really looking forward to the release of your next book. Good luck.