Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Never Say Boo to a Frilly, by Margot Finke and illustrated by Aysin Eroglu

aboutNever Say Boo to a Frilly, by Margot Finke and illustrated by Aysin Eroglu, is another book by my favorite transplanted Aussie author. This is the third book in her "Wild and Wonderful" book series about wild animals in the U.S. and Australia. In this installment, Ms. Finke introduces us to three different kinds of amazing animals from Down Under in three rhyming chapters. The first animal is the Australian Frillnecked Lizard. The second is a group of rainbow-colored birds. And the third animal is the Tasmanian Devil.

The Frillnecked Lizard, or a Frilly, as Ms. Finke calls them, are my favorites, especially when we learn they’ve been around since the dinosaur age. They’re imposing when fiercely hissing. 

The outback bush was home to him when Dreamtime ruled 
the earth.
He scuttled ‘neath the dinosaurs and dodged their giant girth.

The amazing rainbow-colored birds include the Parrot, Cockatoo, Galah, and Lorikeet. They’re raucous and wildly beautiful. 

The wild Aussie birds enjoy freedom that’s rare.
Their razzle-dazzle color make visitors stare.

The last animal is one with the imposing name of Tasmanian Devil, a voracious predator, who fears no creature.

Their mama will show them just how to stalk prey.
“You hunt when the sun sleeps or when creatures play.”

All of these Aussie critters are brought to life by Turkish artist Aysin Eroglu. The animals are shown in their natural habitats and going about their daily activities in Australia. I especially appreciate her showing us day and night time animal activities.

A welcomed feature of this book is the listing of “Enhanced Vocabulary Words” at the bottom of each text page. This is important to students studying Australian animals for the first time. This book is also a good one for cross-curriculum studies:  Social Studies:  Australia; Geography; Science:  Animal Behavior; Habitats; Language Arts:  Poetry Study; Reading; and Writing. As I’ve said before, I’m a Margot Finke Fan and I recommend this book for children ages 7 to 12, elementary teachers, librarians, parents and grandparents. It’s fun, kid friendly—enjoyable and educational.

Never Say Boo to a Frilly is published by Guardian Angel Publishing at http://www.guardianangelpublishing.com.

The other two books in Margot Finke’s “Wild and Wonderful” series are:
Mama Grizzly Bear and  
 Kangaroo Clues.
 aboutAll are available from www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com and other quality online book sellers.

More information on Margot Finke and her other books is at http://www.margotfinke.com
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  1. Not surprisingly, Margot has made magic again! This books looks to be charming and informational; a Margot hallmark. Huge congrats to all involved in this endeavor!

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for your support. Yay Margot, has another W&W book to enjoy.

  2. The cover grabs my attention and anything written by Margo Finke gets me interested from the onset. Congratulations for your latest release. Penny wonderful review. Thanks!


    1. Hi Donna, thanks for your comments. Margot has done it again -- I love all her books.

  3. I didn't even know what a FRILLY was. I had to come here and see. Interesting, Margot. But I have to say that I'm going to check out the Mama Grizzly Bear book right now because my daughter is in LOVE with the Disney movie Bears and currently cannot get enough Bears.

    1. Hi Margo, thanks much. I'm glad your daughter is into bears and such. This series is a good and honest look at wild animals. Wishing Margot success!

  4. This is from Margot Finke:
    Many, many thanks for your kind and speedy review of "Never Say BOO." I will be giving it a first reading to a school on the east coast this Thursday - Skype Made it Happen!! This is a repeat visit, to listen to them reading the stories they wrote after I visited.

    Years ago, when my dad was building a house for us, every morning he had to roust a Frillneck Lizard from inside the hollow brick wall he was erecting. That critter was determined to make inside those bricks his home-from-home. Dad was equally determined to keep him out - and save his life. Sometimes it would take Dad nearly an hour to locate the Frilly and toss him out of his latest cubbyhole.

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  5. Another comment from Margot Finke:

    Many thanks to all of you for your wonderful and continued support. ** From one Margot to the other (Margo): Bears are always popular for stories, cute and cuddly looking. I do hope she enjoys it.

    I am happy to autograph any book bought DIRECT from my website + send a FREE copy of my "Fairdinkum Aussie Recipe Book - tucker I loved to eat when growing up down Under. Only $2.50 postage - much cheaper!!

    Your daughter would love Lamingtons and Chocolate Crackles (you too). Thinking of them still makes me homesick!

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    Thanks, Margot

  6. Great review, Penny. I agree...Margot's books are amazing!


    1. Hi Karin, thanks for your always supportive comments! Yes, Margot is a treasure and her books are always "Aussie Awesome!"