Monday, June 16, 2014

Manic or Marvelous Monday

I'm on holiday this week, sort of.  I have only one student to tutor over the summer and she's on a trip this week.  I have time to work on my new herb garden, put in yesterday, so sweet.  I have time to write and I worked on one of my stories today.  I have time to nap and I enjoyed my free time today.
Now, since I'm a writer, I need to keep writing each day.  I need to post on my blog and on other blogs.  I need to work (and re-work) on my stories.  Today I dusted off a children's mystery story.  I'm not quite a mystery writer, but I wrote a little story with the problem of some missing candy.  It's probably not a story that will be published, I've been told.  Now isn't the right time to write about the glories of candy and other sweets, what with an epidemic of childhood obesity.  Being overweight is another disability, another handicap, another weakness in our society.  If we eat too much and don't move or exercise enough, we'll become a nation of couch potatoes.  
In my distant youth we barely had time to eat.  Weather permitting my brothers and I, our friends and neighbors, were all outside, racing around, chasing each other, playing hide and seek, capture the flag, riding our bikes, playing on play structures, ball games, and even running around the block.  

Yes, we had TV was on at night, and kid shows were over by bedtime.  There were cartoons on Saturday mornings.  But most of the time there were endless things to do outside with friends.   If it was bad weather, and I mean really bad weather, we'd be inside reading comic books, maybe watching TV, if there was something on that our folks would let us watch.  We didn't have access to endless video, digital, computer entertainmentWe were blessed with real kids to play with, not digital images, or virtual friends.  
I guess I feel sorry for kids nowadays who have so many advantages and opportunities and yet limit themselves to hours of YouTube, TV, Cable, Netflix, XBox, Gaming programs, etc.  And I'm totally blown away when I hear a kid, any kid, say "I'm bored."  How can anyone be bored with endless entertainment at your fingertips and on screens all over the house?  
Please teach your kids to think for themselves.  Make sure they have bikes, skateboards, scooters, skates, wagons, kites, all so they will want to go outside and move, exercise, play, and enjoy being kids.  Telling a kid to go fly a kite or play outside is a good thing.  And don't forget about comic books, and children's literature.  Please never stop moving and never stop reading.
My next post will be an ode of appreciation for grandparents.  Stay tuned.

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