Sunday, June 1, 2014

Guardian Angel Publishing Announces MAY 2014 Releases

Guardian Angel Announces MAY 2014 Releases

Inside a Snail Shell 
Academic Wings 
Author-JennaKay Francis, Illustrator-Jillian Crider
Have you ever wondered what’s inside a snail’s shell? A jaunty story in rhyme. Educational pages, too.
Never Say Boo to a Frilly with Rainbow Birds & Tasmanian Devil Dance 
Academic Wings
Author- Margot Finke, illustrator-Aysin Eroglu
When an Aussie Tasmanian Devil, Rainbow Birds and a Frillneck Lizard find themselves inside the same rhyming book, watch out for educational FUN. 

Once Upon an Eyeball - How the Nose Knows Roses The Sum of our Parts Series  
Academic Wings
Author Bill Kirk, Illustrator- Eugene Ruble
This book is a bonus set of two anatomical rhymes in one book, describing the basic structures and functions of the eye and the nose in a way that is easy to understand. 

Robbie and Katie get a Hairy Scare 
Health& Hygiene
Author Lea Schizas, Illustrator Eugene Ruble
Watching the stylist cut their oldest sister’s hair, the twins giggle until the receptionist says, “Hair is DEAD.” Big mistake!

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