Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Fancies

Dear Readers, 

Mea culpa. Yes, I'm guilty of not keeping my New Year's promise to blog three times a week.  I did pretty well until May and then, well, I just ran out of steam. It was getting to the end of the school year, and I was getting more and more tired.
I had six dear students I was tutoring. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but each one had different needs, learning styles, problems, which meant I was constantly shifting gears, preparing materials, plus driving all over town and back. 

I was also trying to sub a couple of days a week in Special Needs classes. Subbing isn’t too demanding, but going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, that part was tiring. And then there’s still my teen and her education, personal problems, issues, demands, concerns, and health for me to worry over.
Like all parents with jobs, kid, and home responsibilities, sometimes it seems overwhelming. So, I retreated, no, I escaped into my murder mystery TV shows. I love them to figure out “who done it.” Very satisfying for the criminal to get caught and get the justice they deserve. I may even kid myself that it will help me to write screenplays if I watch more of these well-written, well-plotted, well-acted shows. But mostly it’s for escape, R & R.
Then there are other things to live through, such as bathroom remodels. Other events to prepare for, such as writers workshops. Other avocations to indulge in, such as gardening. And all of the aforementioned demand their pound of flesh.
So I’m tired. I took some time off and now that it’s summer, schools over (except for my daughter’s summer session). I have no subbing. I have one, maybe two or three more students to tutor (more if they answer my craigslist ad.) The bathrooms are done. The backyard garden is almost done, so I can work on the front yard. Things are getting fixed, sorted, organized, processed, put in their place. I’m appreciative of the time to get these things done, because right around the corner is another writers workshop, a book signing, another conference, another book signing, and then the Holidays. I may even have another book come out in the late summer, hope hope.
I’ve enjoyed my brief respite. I encourage all of you to take time to plant and smell the flowers. Take time to work on your craft, your families, your home, your gardens, yourself.  R and R is important in civilian life. That’s what vacations are for—recharging your batteries so you can return to your busy life and get even more things done.
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go…

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