Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Madness - Memorial Day Memories

This is the end of a three day weekend that is going another day for my daughter since her math teacher can't get a flight back for class tomorrow, whoopie for her.  But not so much for me.  She's home with me on "school nights," otherwise she exercises her independence.  It's so hard to let them go.  Nineteen isn't so old.  I remember when she'd snuggle in bed with me after watching a scary movie.
This past week was a scary movie in real life for those in the UC Santa Barbara community.  The Bay Area lost a few students in that deadly rampage by a troubled young man out for "retribution."  It's these tragedies that make us cling to our children and not want to let them go, not want them to test their wings and leave the nest.  It's a dangerous world out there.  Those young people who died were just out of an evening, going out to eat, get a coffee, see a movie, hang out with friends.  And then six don't come back alive.

So when a twenty-four hour period goes by and I don't hear from my girl, I worry.  Where is she?  What is she doing?  Is she all right?  Is she safe?  Will she make it home to me?  When bad things happen to good people, to our innocent children, we don't want them to leave home.  We don't want them to be independent, out in the world on their own.  We want them safe - in the nest - home with us.
On Memorial Day we remember our loved ones who have passed on.  We remember those who've died defending our nation in time of war.  We remember our loss and our grief.  I challenge you to remember that those who have passed on did live among us.  They had lives:  they were children, parents, sweethearts, students, workers, colleagues, friends.  They laughed and played and loved and lived.  They've left our world, but they remain in our hearts and in our memories.  

Thank you for your service, for your sacrifice, for your love, for your friendship, for your caring.  Thank you for sharing your life with us.
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