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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Review of "Bedtime Kisses" by Karin Larson Illustrated by Ginger Nielson

Bedtime Kisses, by Karin Larson, illustrated by Ginger Nielson, is a cute counting story especially suited to help little ones get ready for bed. This is an endearing way to help children learn to count to ten while modeling values of love and kindness.  

Bedtime KissesWhile waiting for mommy to come and tuck her into bed, the little girl goes around her room and counts out kisses for each of her stuffed animals and dolly.  The little girl in the story is unnamed—she could be any and every child who wants to be like mommy and give bedtime kisses to all her special toys.

The artwork by Ginger Nielson is dreamy, frothy, and enchanting. The girl’s room is a feast for the eyes. As each special toy is given their kiss and kisses, pink hearts help count out the number of kisses they receive. The little girl and the toys are warmly drawn with sleepy eyes and sweet smiling faces. Everyone is ready to be kissed and tucked into bed. After she kisses all her critter pals, our sleepy-time girl gets her own bedtime kisses from her mommy, and everyone goes happily to sleeptucked in together all warm and cozy.

This is a darling, precious book. Children will enjoy the charming illustrations as they practice counting kisses until they fall asleep. It is a book they will want read again and again.  I see it easily becoming part of their bedtime ritual—a lovely and loving way to learn to count to ten.

"As a child, I loved nothing more than getting lost in the worlds within the pages of books.  This love of reading inspired me to be a writer, and my goal is to foster this love of books and reading in children today, despite the fast-paced, technological world in which we live.  My experiences as both a mom and a working speech/language pathologist have allowed me to focus on both fiction and non-fiction for children and adults though my true passion is creating a story a child wants to read over and over again."  
More information about author Karin Larson is at her page:  http://www.karinlarson.com.
Karin Larson has a book under contract with Guardian Angel Publishing.


Information about artist Ginger Nielson is at her page:  http://www.gingernielson.com.

Bedtime Kisses is published by http://4RVpublishingllc.com and is available from quality booksellers like www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.
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  1. This would have made a great gift for Valentine's Day, but I guess love never goes out of date.

  2. Hi Jan, thanks for your comment. Yes, I see it would be a good Valentine's day gift. Also for Mother's Day, Birthday, Baby's Birth, and Christmas gift!

  3. So nice to see that publishers are still accepting sweet and cosy stories. Congratulations, Karin.

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for your supportive comments! Maybe there's hope for all of us who write sweet stories.

  4. Thank you for the kind words and review, Penny. I so appreciate your time. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, Janet and Barbara. I appreciate it greatly!


    1. Hi Karin, best wishes for success with this sweet book and your next ones!

  5. Very nice review of Karin's book, Penelope. And congratulations to Karin and Ginger on its creation and publication. Well done.

    1. Hi Bill, Thanks for your nice comments-- appreciate your support.