Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Madness - Please, Not Another Car? - Oh No! - But Yes!

Dear Friends,
Yes, the VW Jetta is ready to be sold to make room for the KIA Soul!  I hope this is the last time I have to buy a car for my teen.  When a car is in the shop every month and your mechanic says sell it, that's what you do.  

For the second car, I hope we did enough research and comparison shopping.  I hope this one will do better.  It's still under warranty, so we will have it looked over by KIA and pray it lives up to it's reputation.  My girl is "thrilled" and appreciative.  (So far, at least.  And yes, she's happily doing all her chores and spending time with me.  Gratitude is wonderful!)
We had a little trouble finding the dealership, but the car is what she wanted and it has safety features like a backup camera, traction control, air bags, etc.  

No, it didn't come with the hamsters, but that's okay by me.  It did come with the lighted speakers -- I hope that doesn't get old!)  She has a part-time, seasonal job that will cover her gas, so that's good, too.  Now if I can just sell the VW to pay for this one, it will be even better.

So now we can concentrate on the 3rd Quarter of her Freshman year.  She passed her classes, so that's all good.  Next Quarter she'll have Math, English and Intro to Art (more like Art Appreciation.)

Wishing you all a wonderful week.   I still have worries, but at least it won't be about my girl's transportation!

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