Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Firsts and Fancies - Future Projects

If you read my post on The Dreaming Life, then you know I fantasize about my Magical children's book series become an actual TV series.  I even took a seminar on screenwriting at the February Christian Writers Seminar.  So you know it's on my mind.  Below I share a sneak preview of my next two Magical books.

I am often asked about the writing projects I have going on now.  I will number them, so if you're not interested in one, then you can skip on to the next one.

1) The next book in my Magical Series is "Magical Mea Goes to School."  Like other kids, Mea has to learn to do all the things a first and second grader has to learn to do, plus she has to learn to do her magic secretly.  Sometimes it all seems too much for one little girl.  Matt, Lily, and Grandma Nonie all have something to say to Mea.  This will be number three in my Magical series. Coming in 2015.

2) Then comes "Magical M and M." Matt and Mea's parents are expecting a surprise addition to their family. Will these babies have magic, too?  Matt, Lily, and Grandma Nonie are all watching and waiting to see what happens.  This is number four in my Magical series.  Coming in 2015.

3)  A Halloween-themed one to ten counting picture book, "Ten Little Tricksters," is next.  Join in as we count little ghosts,  goblins, monsters, ogres, black bats, zombies, skeletons, witches, black cats, and a pumpkin, who are all out trick or treating for Halloween.  Coming Fall 2014.

4) A MG/YA historical novel, "The Perfect Home," about a young Vietnam War widow and her daughter, their lives, problems, and their search for the best place to call home.  Coming 2015.

5) A YA fantasy time travel novel, "The Young Amazons," about a group of teenage girls with special talents and abilities from the past.  They time travel to the 1990's to help our world and search for an artifact they need to take back in time to save their civilization. Coming 2015.

6) A MG fantasy chapter book, "The Raccoon Witches of Calhoun County," about three sister witches who are punished for "doing good" and must spend a year in exile "doing bad" or lose their magic and be exiled forever. Coming 2016.

7) A PB color remembrance, "My Grandma's Pink House," of three kids visiting Grandma's house in all four seasons and what they do there.  Coming 2015-2016

8) A PB about eating foods from other countries, cultures, and areas of the U.S., "Oh No, I'm Eating Dinner at My Friend's House." Lexie is invited to dinner at her Nigerian friend Oni's house.  She spends a week worrying about what she'll be eating there. Coming 2015-2016.

9) A non-fiction memoir, "My Nicky," about getting my first Samoyed dog and taking him to Spain with me.  Coming 2016.

 10)  A non-fiction memoir, "Getting Katy," about adopting my daughter, and spending our first six months together in Paraguay. Coming 2016.

I hope you'll enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy writing them!
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