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Friday Firsts and Fancies - Susan B. James "Time and Forever" Romance

Usually this is a parent and children's book blog.  However, today I'm going to indulge in a guilty pleasure. Yes, it's Women's Lit or Romance day.  I'm featuring a review of Susan B. James "Time and Forever" debut novel.  In case you're wondering why?  I feel romantic, here on the last day of February, with the last of the Valentine candy all gone.  I reminisce about lost loves and romances.  About how 1969 was such a good year to be young and in love.  If you remember 1969, or any other special year of romance, then here is my review.  Enjoy:

This is a lovely combination of Time Travel and Romance.  So, if you love romances, you'll enjoy this one.  If you love time travel, this novel has a great time travel story.  If you love time travel romances, Time and Forever, by Susan B. James, is absolutely the one for you!  The story is about two sixty-three year old women, both now alone.  They have successful careers.  They have their grown children -- even grandchildren.  Yet they still long for the love, romance, and special companionship they each had in the past – specifically in 1969, (which was a very good year for space travel and romance!) 

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Have you ever had a romance in the past, however long or short-lived, that you’ve wondered, if only I could go back and have a do over?  Maybe you've wondered what if?  Or even "Why was I so timid, so careful, so proper, and said no when I could have said yes?"  In this story both Sherry and Lorena have the opportunity to do just that – go back into their past and do things differently.  Will their recklessness change history?  Will they jeopardize the lives of their children?  Will they end up with new regrets?  You’ll have to read this exciting story to find out. 

For sure you will be entertained by this fresh approach to long lost love, time travel to “get it right,” finding your soul-mate, and agonizing over the ever popular masochistic “what-ifs.” You might even be swept off your feet by the beauty of the romantic love Ms. James portrays.  This is one fast moving page-turner that I’m sure you will enjoy reading.  It’s a delightful and satisfying “guilty pleasure!”  By the way, in case you’re wondering, I, too, would go back to 1969 – in a soulful heartbeat!

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