Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Firsts and Fancies - My First Radio Interview!

Last week I dreamt a big dream of an interview in the future with a Famous Television Talk Show Host -- about turning my Magical series into a mini-series, and also a longer series for Children on TV.  It was fun to dream about my famous future.  Then yesterday I had my first real live radio interview.  It was with Suzanne Lieurance on Blog Talk Radio:  Book Bites for Kids.  
 The National Writing for Children Center
I got to talk about my Magical book series, Magical Matthew, Magical Mea, and the next two books:  Magical Mea Goes to School, and Magical M and M.  And mentioned that Mágico Mateo (Magical Matthew is out in Spanish), with Magica Mea to follow.  I talked about my Halloween counting book, Ten Little Tricksters, which is coming out for fall. 

I talked about my longer books, my mid-grade novel, The Perfect Home, and my young adult novel, The Young Amazons.  I did forget to mention the two picture books that are almost ready for submission, My Grandma's Pink House, and Oh No, I'm Going to My Friend's House for Dinner.

I talked about the inspiration for my "Magical" book series, about my writing process, and about the other books I'm working on.  I talked about my illustrator, Kevin Scott Collier, and my publisher, Lynda Burch of Guardian Angel Publishing, and the themes in my books.  Ms. Lieurance talked about the awards they've won and asked me why I love writing for children, and what's the hardest part of writing for me:  marketing.  

It was a really good experience.  I was pretty nervous, talked fast, and even stumbled at times.  But it was great to be interviewed, and I look forward to my next live one -- this is just the first of many interviews.  Future possibilities are limitless.

You can listen in to my crazy, nervous, scratchy first radio interview for a month online.  Click here:

Thank you very much Suzanne Lieurance of the National Writing for Children's Center and Book Bites for Kids!

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