Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday First - The Writing Life and the Dreaming Life

(Sometime in the not too distant future. . .)


(Famous Important Show Host): Thank you.  Good Morning America.  We welcome back to the "First of the Morning " show, Penelope Anne Cole, Writer, Author, and now Playwright. 

(More applause)

(FISH):  Thank you, Penelope, for making time in your busy schedule to meet with us today.  We want to catch up with you and your career.

(PAC): Thank you,.  It's great to be back here, though it is a little early on a Friday morning.  I'm glad you have my favorite tea (and tea cakes.)

(FISH): Yes, of course, you know we would.  Let's see where shall we start?  How about with your new "Magical Matthew Mini Series."  How's that coming along?  We heard it's in production now.

(PAC): Yes, it took awhile to get the right director, the right voice actors to voice the characters, and the music composer on board.  And, of course, we had to fit it in with my artist's schedule.  Kevin Scott Collier has been busy with his Christ Clubhouse Channel program.  But we've finally worked it all out and we are in production.  (!details/26936/christ-clubhouse-channel)

(FISH): Tell us more about the Mini Series.  It's based on your "Magical Matthew" children's book series, published by Guardian Angel Publishing, right? (

(PAC): Yes, and we're closely following the four book series.  We've almost got the first four mini series episodes completed -- they'll be six in all.  We felt it best to give the first book Magical Matthew, two episodes.  Better for the whole series set up.  We want the audience to see Matthew performing a lot of "magical good deeds."  That way as the story progresses everyone will better understand how he feels at the end of the first two episodes.  You, know, about  his magic.

(FISH): Yes, that makes sense.  But you just said they'll be six episodes? 

(PAC): Yes, in addition to the spending two episodes on the first Magical book, I'm adding a sixth episode, a final complete and surprising ending to the story. 

(FISH)  I'm guessing you've already written a fifth book in the series?  I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.  My kids loved the first four books.  

(PAC): Yes, I've written the fifth book and it's scheduled to come out in the spring before the Mini Series debuts this summer.

(FISH):  Sounds good.  I've always felt there could be an ending to the series.  

(PAC)  Yes, I wanted to give my characters the happy ending they've been working toward!

(FISH):  We've also heard that if this mini series is well-received, it may be picked up as a series on the Children's Hour TV Channel.  

(PAC):  Yes, that's what we hope will happen.  There are so many magical stories we could build around the characters, Matthew, Lily, Grandma Nonie, Mea, and twins, Markie and Mickey.   We really  hope it will be a a regular TV series.

(FISH):  Can we have a sneak preview?  

(PAC):  We're using the book trailer prepared by Kevin Collier.  Here it is.  I hope you enjoy it!

(FISH):  Thank you so much, Penelope, for visiting and sharing news of your new Magical Mini Series.  Folks at the bottom of our screen you'll see where to purchase the original books the mini series is based on.  And the Mini Series comes to television in the summer!  You heard it first on the First of the Morning show!

(PAC):  Thank you for having me!

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(Well, it could just happen this way. . . And I can dream, can' I?)


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Jan, thanks for your support! It was great good fun to imagine and dream.

  2. You deserve a series that takes off like a rocket. Best of luck with this.

    1. Hi Sue, It was fun to dream it. Thanks for your kind thoughts and support. I'm enjoying your new book -- my guilty pleasure!

  3. WOW!! Penny, you have stolen something we ALL dream about. . . THE big TV interview!!
    Perfect, mate. I'll go re-dream MY interview right now!!

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    1. Hi Margot, Yep, it just popped into my head yesterday and I had to share it -- such fun! Wouldn't it be great if. . .
      it all came true! Thanks so much for your support.

  4. This is such a happy post. Glad I read it, and congratulations to you!

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for the congrats! I'm not quite there yet, but it was a nice dream interview and dream TV mini-series, he he.