Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute," written by Karen Wiesner, with Artwork by Molly M. Courtright

Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute, written by Karen Wiesner and illustrated by Molly M. Courtright, is a sweet book that gets its point across in an appealing manner. Since she was a baby Keri had been told she’s “cute cute cute.” It’s not surprising that cuteness becomes her identity. When you’re little, it’s perfectly okay to be cute. Folks just love to tickle a baby’s chin and tell them how cute and darling they are. No one can get enough of cute babies. However, as we get older, we all want to be known for something besides our looks. And that is what happens to Keri.

One day Keri realizes that being cute isn’t enough. Other kids have talents, interests, and abilities. What are hers? What does she like to do and what can she do – besides be cute? She tries to puzzle this out for herself. Fate or good fortune helps her with this and she discovers she does have a talent and an interest, -- so she claims it as her own.  She’s a bit of a heroine, as well. Yes, you’ll have to get the book to find out exactly what happens! And maybe you’ll have to look up a word as I did.

The whimsical and pert artwork by Molly M. Courtright is done in colorful pastels. The story benefits from the positive smiling faces and upbeat images throughout. In this little book there’s no judgment against being cute as much as recognition that it’s better to be more than one’s looks – to have goals and a purpose in your life.

This is one of those children’s books that you read and say, “Hmmm, why didn’t I write that book?” It resonated personally with me. I have a beautiful daughter who’s always been told how lovely, pretty, and cute she is. Fortunately, she is also kind, a loyal friend, a sweet daughter, and an animal lover, and has many interests other than looking good.

Although our culture values beauty, being beautiful can be a mixed blessing – even a burden for those who don’t have much else going for them. So I’m pleased that Ms. Wiesner wrote this book to remind parents, grandparents, and teachers to be sure to comment on the total package.  It’s important to acknowledge their children’s diverse gifts and talents, not simply their beauty. And this is true for both boys and girls.

Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute is published by (an imprint of Whiskey Creek Press), and is available from quality online booksellers such as: and
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  1. Great review, Penny! Looking forward to reading the book. It has a great message for all, kids and adults alike.


  2. Hi Karin, thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Yes, the message is perfect for our times.

  3. First of all, love the cover. How cute! Second of all, it is such an important message. I try really hard to do this with my daughter and say things like: how clever of you or you are smart, cute, and a good dancer. ETC. :)

    1. Hi Margo, thanks for visiting. Yes, all of us with cute, beautiful, pretty, handsome children need to comment on all of their talents and qualities. Karen's book gets the message across in a charming way. I hope it gets a wide reading.