Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Kid Companion Special Needs Interviews about my Magical Series

Here are two more interviews by Lorna d'Entremont (of Special Needs Book Review) about my Magical book series, Magical Matthew and Magical Mea, and me, too!

These interviews are in Kid Companions (for Kids that Love to Fidget and Chew):


Children’s Books: Magical Series by Penelope Anne Cole: Magical Matthew and Magical Mea http://kidcompanions.com/childrens-books-magical-series-penelope-anne-cole-magical-matthew-magical-mea/#.Ui8j7NI3uSo

Penelope Anne Cole: Author of Award Winning Children’s Books the Magical Series http://kidcompanions.com/penelope-anne-cole-author-award-winning-childrens-books-magical-series/#more-15549

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