Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Powder Monkey by Donna McDine Illustrated by K.C. Snider

aboutPowder Monkey by Donna McDine, illustrated by K.C. Snider, is strong historical fiction. It tells a story of a harsh period in British naval history that is not for the faint of heart. Two brothers are taken by the Royal Navy Press Gang and impressed into service aboard a warship. These boys, aged twelve and fourteen, are destined to run powder to the cannons during battles at sea.

Tommy, the younger brother, is witness to the brutality of the press gang against his parents, who try to save their boys. He sees other boys, his neighbors, also taken into service. These farm boys have to learn to survive as servants of the crown, at the beck and call of the sailors they serve. These “powder monkeys” experience violence, and must perform the vilest duties aboard ship.

powder monkey

K.C. Snider’s artwork captures the agony and horror suffered by those boys at that time in history. The haunting images she creates take us back to that awful period. We see the smoke, the filth, and the danger in these boys’ lives. It’s a wonder any of them lived through such an awful experience.

Tommy’s will to survive overcomes his terrible circumstances, his pain, and his losses. He learns what he needs to do and does it. Although he never sees his parents again, he does become an able bodied seaman, and that’s as close to a happy ending as we get in this story.

There is a lot to discuss here with students, especially those who might want to complain about their situation now. All they need to do is look at what happened to those boys back then. History lessons can be hard to hear – and harder to learn -- but these stories must be told.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Kid Companion Special Needs Interviews about my Magical Series

Here are two more interviews by Lorna d'Entremont (of Special Needs Book Review) about my Magical book series, Magical Matthew and Magical Mea, and me, too!

These interviews are in Kid Companions (for Kids that Love to Fidget and Chew):


Children’s Books: Magical Series by Penelope Anne Cole: Magical Matthew and Magical Mea http://kidcompanions.com/childrens-books-magical-series-penelope-anne-cole-magical-matthew-magical-mea/#.Ui8j7NI3uSo

Penelope Anne Cole: Author of Award Winning Children’s Books the Magical Series http://kidcompanions.com/penelope-anne-cole-author-award-winning-childrens-books-magical-series/#more-15549

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Guardian Angel Publishing, August 2013 Releases

Highlighting Guardian Angel Publishing August 2013 Releases
aboutAndy & Spirit in Search & Rescue Academic Wings hardcover edition
by Mary Jean Kelso, art KC Snider


Great Gobs of Gustation: The Sum of Our Parts  Book 8 Academic Wings
by Bill Kirk, art by Eugene Ruble
aboutA rhyme which describes the sense of taste and how it works to help you tell what you like to eat and what you don’t. Book 8 of the Sum of our Parts anatomical educational series

Just Too Little  Littlest Angel
by Judith J. Miller, art Sonal Panse
At her grandparents farm Pam is too little to help with the chores.

aboutMichael’s Safari Littlest Angel
by JennaKay Francis art by Craig Howarth
Michael takes an imaginary journey.

The New Puppy Animals & Pets
by Raelene Hall art by Kevin Collier, Gisele LaBlanc

aboutAfter a day of fun and trouble, what will Kelly’s new mischievous puppy do next?

LYNDA S. BURCH. Publisher
Guardian-Angel-Kids.com A free online ezine for kids!

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Review of Magical Mea from Lorna d'Entremont

I'm pleased to refer you to a lovely new review of Magical Mea, by Lorna d'Entremont on her Special Needs Book Review site.  Here is the link:


Second Children’s Book in Magical Series, Magical Mea by Penelope Anne Cole

Posted in Other Disabilities, Reviews, Special Needs Children by - September 06, 2013
Second Children’s Book in Magical Series, Magical Mea by Penelope Anne Cole Early in 2013, Special Needs Book Review published a guest post from Penelope Anne Cole about her children’s book, Magical Matthew.  In this book, Matthew can fix things magically. Matthew secretly uses his magical powers to fix things for his family and friends.  Later, he expands his magical good deeds by fixing things in his neighborhood.  Matthew’s best friend and neighbor, Lily, who is in a wheelchair, suspects something is special about him.  Matthew must decide whether he can trust her with the truth.  His Grandmother becomes his confidant as he makes the decision to trust Lily.  Later, Matthew loses his magical powers and needs to accept how he has changed to continue to grow and learn.
Now Penelope  Anne Cole has written her second book in the “Magical Series” called Magical Mea. Mea got her magic when Matthew lost his. Matt tries to guide Mea to use her magic for good. But the more Matt tries to mentor Mea, the more she wants to “do it her way.” Matt worries Mea might get into
- See more at: http://www.specialneedsbookreview.com/2013/09/06/second-childrens-book-magical-series-magical-mea-penelope-anne-cole/#sthash.QdTTt8IG.dpuf

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guardian Angel Kids: An online Magazine

Book Feature
Benjamin Jay was a Bully by Emma Glover Art by KC Snider


Chy’s Guys by Donna J. Shepherd

Finding Frankenfeet by Jennifer Buchet
Saving Hercules by Debbie Allard
Shrimp by Felicity Nisbet
Frank and the Forever Flute by Elizabeth Glann

Hen Pecked by Shari L. Klase

Cyber Bullying: Its Prevalence and What to do about it? by Irene S. Roth

Teaching Empathy Helps Stop Bullying by Kathy Stemke

Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Magical Matthew" is a Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner 2013!

I just found out "Magical Matthew" won a Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal in their 2013 Awards Program.  http://readersfavorite.com/2013-award-contest-winners.htm#cat215

"Magical Mea" was a Readers' Favorite Finalist.

That's three awards Magical Matthew has won (and they all come with stickers!):
2013 Book of the Year from Creative Child Magazine Award Program
Summer 2013 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award from NABE
 and now,
Readers' Favorite 2013 Bronze Medal Award!

Celebrate with me by getting your own copy!