Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Readers' Favorite Book Review
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aboutReviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

"Magical Mea" by Anne Cole is an exciting story about Matthew and his little sister Mea. The story deals with Mea acquiring magical powers when Matthew loses his. Though Matthew wants to teach Mea how to use it, she refuses his help because she wants to do it her own way. The book is a must read for children who are getting into reading for the first time. The story is thrilling. The language is simple. The illustrations are bright and colorful. What more does a child need? Mea's parents, brother Matthew and grandmother Nonie are all sketched so very well that they stay in your mind. The visual part of the book also enhances the story line. Mea is illustrated well. She looks mischievous with her curls and cheeks and naughty expressions. Her vivacity comes through in all the pictures. It is a proof of how the author and the illustrator complement each other very well which attributes to the success of the story.

'Magical Mea' is a book that is apt for read-aloud sessions and story telling time for children. It is important that when children first start reading the books should be bright and radiant in all the aspects. The book meets all those requirements. There is a lot of energy and bounce in the theme and the way the story proceeds which is important in a children's book. While reading the book I kept wondering what pranks trickster Mea was going to come up with next. 
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