Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Releases from Guardian Angel Publishing Announced on GAP Blog

New Releases from Guardian Angel Publishing

Author: Mary Sue Seymour 
Artist Samantha Flynn - a ten year old student!
Print ISBN: 9781616333768; 1616333766
eBook ISBN: 9781616333775; 1616333774

Squirrel is locked out of his house in a rainstorm. He’s standing at his door as the rain pours down. His fur is soaked, and he was cold! So Owl takes him home to warm him up. Squirrel finds his key but stays with this friend for a while.

Author and Artist: Terry Cook www.zhibit.com/terrycook
Print ISBN: 9781616333782; 1616333782
eBook ISBN: 9781616333799; 1616333790

How will she prove that her story about a moose visiting her school bus stop is true and not a wild fabrication? Surprises are in store as the student lunches and bookbags are explored by the moose and his pal.

 Authors: Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips
Print ISBN: 9781616333805; 1616333804 Playbook
eBook ISBN: 9781616333812; 1616333812
Phoebe’s heart is broken when her favorite tree is cut down. She follows the clues the tree gives and learns an eternal lesson. This musical is designed with simple speaking parts and fun-to-learn songs. Perfect for children’s choirs hoping to perform an easy, yet inspirational and impacting presentation.

The CD has the musical accompaniment included. Also a music video will be available for you to see a performance.

 SOUNDS I CAN HEAR IN A CAR coming soon!


  1. You are always so good about promoting GAP! Thanks for posting these, so we can all check them out. :)