Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day.  This is a special day to celebrate the wonders of our natural world.  It’s a day to remember that we are stewards of this amazing planet, not simply residents.  Matthew and Lily, from my book Magical Matthew, understand the importance of this stewardship.  They take good care of their things, help clean up their neighborhood park, and support Earth Day activities such as Beach Clean Up days.  I hope everyone will follow their example.  Together we can make our world a little cleaner and a little healthier for all the plants and animals that breathe the same air we breathe and drink the same water.  Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Moose at the Bus Stop by Terry Cook

A Moose at the Bus Stop, written and illustrated by Terry Cook, is a fun rhyming story about a moose that visits kids as they wait for the bus to school.  The story begins with the daughter coming home from school to tell her mother the exciting news of the moose that came to their bus stop.  The girl describes the moose and the feelings and actions of the kids in this adventure.  Of course, her mother is skeptical that this is a true story – a wild beast that sits calmly letting kids hang their belongings from its antlers, really?  If only she had proof.  It’s a sweet story with a cute ending.

Children will relate to the idea of a moose come to play with them and serve as a hat rack to store their clothing, lunches, and such while they play and wait for the bus.  It’s natural for kids to let their imaginations run wild.  It’s also not surprising that the girl’s mother wouldn’t believe her fanciful tale.  Of course, most parents love to hear the stories their kids have made up to while away their waiting time.  There’s never a dull moment with a vivid imagination.

Terry Cook illustrated her book with what looks like “crayon” or colored pencil artwork, which totally appeals to children.  Her pictures are realistic enough to convey the story and the emotions of the characters, but “cartoonish” enough to be entertaining and silly.  At every point in the story it’s clear what’s happening and how each character is feeling.

Teachers, parents and children will all enjoy this rhyming story.  It will be a fun read aloud for all.  Each stanza begins with a two word introduction, such as:   
Mom! Mom!  Moose! Moose!  Trees! Trees!  Wild! Wild!  Scared! Scared!  Then the story unfolds as follows:

Mom! Mom!                                                  Moose! Moose!
I’ve something to tell you!                             A moose at my bus stop!
I’ve something to say—                                A great hairy beast.
I want you to listen.                                      I am not pretending—
It happened today!                                       Twelve feet tall at least!

The ending is perfect.  The story is accompanied by "Moose Fun Facts" at the end for further discussion.

Available from Guardian Angel Publishing:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sharing a review by Tracey Cox of Magical Matthew

Thank you Tracey for this lovely review:

 Picture Book Review: Magical Matthew

What if you had a gift, but were afraid to let anyone know? In Magical Matthew, Matthew has a gift to fix things. He can fix broken toys, watches, but he can’t fix his friend.
Through their playtime, Lily notices that her friend is just as special as she is, just in a different way. Matthew confides in his friend and together the begin to fix things. Only Matthew looses his gift of magical-fixes. He feels bad. Lily and his grandmother point out that he is a great problem-solver and that is a gift all to itself.
Magical Matthew shows readers that they are special in more than what they can do. Sometimes being someone’s friend and appreciating them for who they are is the best gift to have.
Magical Matthew is written by Penelope Anne Cole. Ms. Cole has a background in teaching and loves to involve children in her stories.
Keven Collier’s illustrations of magic and know-how bring the story to life.

Guardian Angel Publishing, 2012
ISBN# 9781616333256 (HC)
9781616333263 (SC)
9781616333386 (eB) 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Star Review on Readers' Favorite for Magical Matthew!

I'm pleased to announce that Magical Matthew has received a 5-Star Review on Readers' Favorite.  


"What a cute story and and what sweet imagination! . . . I highly recommend this wonderful story. . . . You will not be disappointed with this little book!" - Readers' Favorite

Check out the complete review:

There are other 5-Star Reviews up on

Magical Matthew is a sweet book in time for April's Earth Day celebration and promotion gifts:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Releases from Guardian Angel Publishing Announced on GAP Blog

New Releases from Guardian Angel Publishing

Author: Mary Sue Seymour 
Artist Samantha Flynn - a ten year old student!
Print ISBN: 9781616333768; 1616333766
eBook ISBN: 9781616333775; 1616333774

Squirrel is locked out of his house in a rainstorm. He’s standing at his door as the rain pours down. His fur is soaked, and he was cold! So Owl takes him home to warm him up. Squirrel finds his key but stays with this friend for a while.

Author and Artist: Terry Cook
Print ISBN: 9781616333782; 1616333782
eBook ISBN: 9781616333799; 1616333790

How will she prove that her story about a moose visiting her school bus stop is true and not a wild fabrication? Surprises are in store as the student lunches and bookbags are explored by the moose and his pal.

 Authors: Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips
Print ISBN: 9781616333805; 1616333804 Playbook
eBook ISBN: 9781616333812; 1616333812
Phoebe’s heart is broken when her favorite tree is cut down. She follows the clues the tree gives and learns an eternal lesson. This musical is designed with simple speaking parts and fun-to-learn songs. Perfect for children’s choirs hoping to perform an easy, yet inspirational and impacting presentation.

The CD has the musical accompaniment included. Also a music video will be available for you to see a performance.

 SOUNDS I CAN HEAR IN A CAR coming soon!