Thursday, January 24, 2013

Magical Matthew Featured on Special Needs Book Review Site

I've been interviewed by Lorna d'Entremont on her Special Needs Book Review site, in an Interview about Magical Matthew and the sequel, Magical Mea  (contracted with Guardian Angel Publishing):

Lorna: A second book and even a third book could follow.  How are these children’s books connected, what is the common thread?  How are those books progressing?  Do you have release dates?
<<  Penelope Anne Cole  >> The common thread to me is how will each of you use your gifts and talents?  We all have them — we just need to find out what they are.  How we use them is part of our life’s journey.  I want kids to be empowered, to feel good about themselves, and to know that we can all contribute.  It’s up to us what we do with our lives.  Mea uses her magic to get attention and praise — like some kids seek attention, even if negative.  Matthew and Grandma Nonie try to mentor and counsel Mea to use her gifts for good.  Can she learn to use her magic to help others and not play tricks on them?  See what happens in the end of Magical Mea.  In the “queue,” Magical Mea is illustrated, contracted, and awaiting publication, hopefully this year.  The third book, Magical M and M, is still a work in progress.  I need to add a couple more “scenes.”  But it should be sent for illustration in a few months and will hopefully be published next year.

My book, Magical Matthew, has also been featured on a previous Guest Post with Special Needs Book Review:

Author’s Goal
I want children to see that we all have gifts and talents we can learn to use for good.  I want children to see that adults can be trusted as they help us grow up.  Children can see that friends can also be trusted and we can work together to help others.  I want kids to see that children with disabilities are the same as we are.  Finally, children can see that change isn’t bad and leads to new understanding and growth.
Magical Matthew celebrates the magic of childhood and the milestone of attaining “double digits."

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