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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whispering Wally in The Sand Art Secret, written and illustrated by Kevin Collier

Whispering Wally in The Sand Art Secret, written and illustrated by Kevin Collier, is a sweet sequel to Collier’s first Whispering Wally story.  In this new story, Whispering Wally the Whale is curious about what his friend, Torrie the Tiny Sea Turtle is doing in the sand.  Whenever Wally comes near, she stirs up the sand so he can’t see. 

Wally thinks Torrie may be hiding something and tries to find it when she isn’t around.  But Wally can’t find anything.  He asks her what she’s doing, but she’s not ready to tell him.  Wally worries it may be dangerous, but Torrie tells him not to worry.  Later in the story Wally finds out what shy Torrie was hiding.  It’s a wonderful secret that pleases them both.  Wally praises Torrie and reminds us that we are all works of art in God’s eyes.

Kevin Collier’s message is uplifting and supports the self-esteem development of children who hear or read this story.  He shows us that physical size isn’t as important as one’s heart.  Being kind, gentle, and supportive helps us to be true friends. 

Collier’s art is bright and colorful.  He excels in showing emotions on his character's faces.  His sea creatures and underwater landscape really draws you in.  You feel you’re right in the middle of the story, seeing what Wally sees and doing what Torrie does.  I recommend this story for children who love sea animals, and for parents and teachers who want an uplifting story that shows we are all valued for our unique talents and our giving hearts.
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  1. Great review Penny. I wish Kevin wonderful success with his new book.

    1. Hi Sue. thanks for your lovely comments and support. Kevin deserves much success for his gifts and talent.

  2. LOVE Kevin's illustrations. Thanks for sharing this book. :)

    1. Hi Margo, thanks for commenting. I'm biased, of course, since he's working on my third book, but I really love Kevin's artwork, too.

  3. What a darling book! So glad I stopped by. Congratulations, and happy sales!

    1. Hi Donna, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. If you go to Kevin's "Whispering Wally" site you'll see some other things like t-shirts, too!