Monday, September 10, 2012

Today I am a Penguin by Melissa Ross

Today I am a Penguin, written and illustrated by Melissa Ross, is a fun and educational “imagination trip.”  It’s a good way for kids to learn about penguins by being right there and part of the action.  I appreciate stories that entertain while educating young minds. 

Kaleigh, the main character, receives a stuffed penguin named Ian from her Aunt Alexis, a zoologist in Antarctica.  Kaleigh grabs Ian and her sled then heads outside for some winter sliding fun.  As they swoop down the hill, suddenly they are transformed into penguins!  That’s when the real adventure begins.

Through Kaleigh and Ian we experience life as an Adelie Penguin in Antarctica.  They adopt Sammy, an orphan baby penguin.  We see what penguin parents must do to protect and nurture their young.  We learn about nest building, fishing, feeding, and everyday penguin behavior.  This is science at the perfect level for children to relate to and understand.

The words are fun and descriptive.  The artwork grabs you and draws you right into the story.  This is a splendid “adventure-science” story book that will make a satisfying read aloud.  Today I am a Penguin is a solid addition to home and school libraries.  Parents, teachers, and children will have a lot to talk about after reading this story.  I trust you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wilderness Warriors by Colleen L. Reece

Wilderness Warriors, by Colleen Reece, is an intense story of self-discovery and sticking to your values, even when it means deep sacrifices.  This is a good book for any family struggling with problem teens, drifting away from their faith, and losing family closeness.  It’s especially moving because it’s based on a true story.  This story completely gripped me – I read it in one sitting.
The Clarks are a Christian family in our complex present day.  They’ve let things  and status get them sidetracked.  When their two teens, Ty and Caitlin, get into trouble at school, Mom and Dad decide they need to do something drastic to get “back to basics” -- back to what is most important and meaningful in their lives.  They let their kids stew, wondering what the consequences will be for their transgressions. 

Mom and Dad leave their jobs and lease their house in Vancouver, WA.  They rent a rustic log house in the mountains of Eastern Oregon with no close neighbors.  The kids have real chores.  They chop wood for the wood cook stove and fireplace, pump water from a well, care for the cow and chickens, clean out the barn and coop, cook and bake on the wood stove, and even hand-make family Christmas gifts.  The kids are home schooled.  No electricity means no computers, iPod, TV, or radio.  And, no indoor plumbing means no toilet or shower inside the house.

They return to evening family devotionals and attend a country church till the roads get snowed in.  There are winter sports (sledding, ice skating, hiking in snowshoes, etc.).  There are wild animals, an illness, and an accident.  This is truly a " wilderness survival” story.  

The parents help their family get back on track with God.  Their kids learn what's truly meaningful in life.  It's a good book to show teens the love of family, the importance of truth telling, and the impact of decisions.  It shows why developing strong personal values are vitally necessary for a solid foundation in life.  

If you loved Brian’s Saga:  Hatchet, The River, Brian’s Winter, Brian's Return, and Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen, you will enjoy this story.  I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guardian Angel Kids (GAK) September Ezine

M E D I A  R E L E A S E
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Children’s Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Weather – September 2012 Issue

Welcome to the GAK September 2012 issue all about the weather.
The weather often times sets our mood. Editor-in-chief, Donna McDine enjoys a cool autumn day with the wonderful visual of the colorful leafs immediately relaxes me. With summer rapidly coming to an end McDine is looking forward to the next change of seasons. While she enjoys the so called lazy days of summer, McDine embraces the opportunity for a regular school schedule affording her the time to focus on her own writing, and continued work at GAK and private client publicity work.
The GAK staff invites you to sit for a spell and enjoy the every changing world of weather. Take a ride on a cloud and dance in the rain through poetry, experience the apprehension of a thunderstorm and competition amongst friends at the school science fair through engaging stories. Or look through the fog and learn how it helps the giant redwood trees of California grow and learn tornado safety tips.
Visit the writers and illustrators in the Guardian Angel Kids September 2012 issue and enjoy the alluring poetry, stories, articles and activities,
Letter from the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF:  Donna M. McDine   
Featured BookS:
Lighting Strikes Flip Book by Kevin McNamee and art by Eugene Ruble  

Cloud Jumpers Flip Book by Tracy Ahrens and art by Eugene Ruble

Children’S poetry, ACTIVITIES, SHORT STORIES, and articleS:

“One Little Cloud,” by Barbara Bockman – the every changing cycle of clouds.

“Weather Wisdom,” by Guy Belleranti – changing seasons.

“Crack Boom Crash,” by Rose Thoman – how to stay safe in a lighting storm.

“Fair-Weather Friends,” by Jennifer A. Buchet – science fair competition.
“When You Can’t See the Water,” by Mary Reina – how fog affects your life.

“A Dark Furious Looking Monster,” by Irene S. Roth – the importance of knowing what to do before a tornado hits.
Visit Guardian Angel Kid today and and enjoy a child safe and ad free Ezine.
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Please feel free to drop Editor-in-Chief, Donna McDine an email at and let them know what you think of Guardian Angel Kids and what you'd like to see in the future. They aim to please.
The Guardian Angel Kids Ezine staff and contributors look forward to your visit. Thank you for your time and interest.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Guardian Angel Publishing August 2012 Releases

Here are the AUGUST 2012 Guardian Angel Releases, announced by Lynda Burch, GAP Publisher:
Wings of Faith          
by Tracey M. Cox, artist Marina Movshina
Every day there are miracles that happen. Sometimes it takes a child’s curiosity to see the goodness and to help
witness the joys God and his helpers do. 
Littlest Angels
J Aday Kennedy, artist Jack Foster
Jensen Elf lost her hair due to a reaction to the cure for the Itcha-Itcha-Goo-Goo disease, elf cancer. Klutzy Kantor
Pegasus learns the bitter sweetness of self sacrifice when he must give up something he prizes in order to help a friend.
Littlest Angels by Jennifer B Leese, Illustrations Kym Jones
Jordie finds herself scared, nervous, and ready to go home only a minute into her first day of pre-school. Her mom suggests ways to help Jordie relax, and within no time she's having lots of fun, and she can’t wait to come back again.
Animals & Pets by Margot Finke, artist Gloria Swan
Spend an exciting year with a mama grizzly bear and her cubs.  Follow her hunting, then hibernating in winter and the birth of her cubs. Spring finds them learning lessons from Mama on how to survive. They have only one enemy – man and his gun.
Chapbooks for Tweens by Janean Nusz, art by Cheryl Coville
Kesla has a problem. Her brother has been stolen – by the Goblin King! In order to get him back, Kesla must use the power of the Moonlight Medallion to capture one of the Goblin King's soldiers. Filled with magic and imagery, this is a fantasy book for the young reader.
Health & Hygiene  by Lori M. Jones, artist Julie Hammond
Riley worries about sharing her secret of having a heart defect and a pacemaker with her school friends. She tackles her fear of being different and reveals her secret to her friends in a unique way. Children will learn about accepting others differences and embracing the attributes that make them special.
Academic Wings written and illustrated by Melissa Ross
A young girl takes her stuffed penguin on a sled ride that turns into an Antarctic adventure when her imagination transforms them into Adelie penguins. Packed with educational information and action adventure, children experience what its like to be a penguin. 
Chapbooks for Tweens hardcover and softcover 
by Colleen L. Reece
hardcover and softcover
Thirteen-year-old Tyler and his twelve-year old-sister, Cat, are in big trouble—at home, at school, and with the law. The verdict is in and they hate it: a year living in the mountains of eastern Oregon in a house without electricity, running water, TV, Facebook, Twitter, or iPods.