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 Congratulations to Margo Dill!  And thanks for putting my name in nomination.  

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Reader Appreciation Award

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Thank you, thank you to Carole Di Totsi, PhD, for giving me this reader appreciation award. If you don’t know Carole, you should! She writes a few amazing blogs (see below) and is a wonderful promoter of her friends and colleagues at her Twitter handle: mercedeskat45. I first met Carole when she took an online class from me through WOW! Women On Writing. She has now taken a few, and we have become cyber friends. I keep threatening to go to NYC and visit her! :)
The Reader Appreciation Award is given to writers who have supported other writers’ blogs. Happily, I’ve received the award from Carole, who has three blogs: The Fat and the Skinny, All Along the NYC Skyline, and A Christian Apologist’s Sonnets. All three are totally different because she blogs about health and wellness issues, NYC events, and her own sonnets respectively. But check them out and leave a comment!
There are a few guidelines for accepting this award:
l) Acknowledge the giver of the award and provide a link to his or her blog. (check!)
2) Copy and paste the award to your blog. (check!)
3) Pass the award on to up to ten bloggers. (see below!)
4) Notify the selected bloggers that you have nominated them.

I am happy to nominate these bloggers and their blogs for the Reader Appreciation Award:
1. Donna Volkenannt (Donna’s Book Pub)
2. Becky Povich (Writer-Humorist-Bliss Follower)
3. Cathy C. Hall (Writing is Easy. Rewriting is a whole ‘nother story.)
4. Penelope Anne Cole (Penelope Anne Cole)
5. Sarah Butland (Sarah Butland: For Writers, For Readers, For You)
6. Sharon K. Mayhew (Random Thoughts)
7. Camille Subramanian (A Day In My Life)
8. Erin (In Step With the Spirit)
9. Patricia (PM27′s BLOG: Notes and Observations)
10. Holly Helscher (Becoming Bookish)
These 10 ladies are super supportive of my blog and the authors I host here. I know I probably missed someone–I’M SORRY!–it’s like when you give your Oscar speech, and you forget to thank your spouse. . .
I hope you have some time to check out their blogs. Thanks, ladies, for your support. You are all well-deserving of the Reader Appreciation Award!

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Bearly Learning about Water by Mary Esparza-Vela, Art by Alexander Morris

Bearly Learning about Water, by Mary Esparza-Vela, with art by Alexander Morris, is a story common to siblings.  One bear cub wants to do one thing and the other cub doesn’t want to.  Molly takes the lead wanting to teach her brother Fritz to fish.  However, he doesn’t like water.  She makes him wait while she enjoys splashing in the river.  She knows they need to eat, so she takes him berry picking and honey grubbing, in spite of his whining.  If Molly could just get Fritz into the water, and teach him to fish, then their food problem would be solved. 

After gorging themselves on berries and honey, Molly plays with a squirrel for a while as Fritz naps; then she naps, too.  He wakes up while she’s still napping and wants more food.  He sees a cottage where he hopes to get more food.  Instead of food, he finds a tub of bath water when he climbs in an open window.  He carefully tests the water and, lo and behold, he likes it.  Molly finds Fritz singing loudly and playing in the water, so she has to wait for him.  Now that he likes water, her plan to teach him to fish can be realized.

Will Fritz get into trouble (like Goldilocks) for using someone’s bath water?  We don’t know, but this story gives parents and teachers an opportunity to talk about how they feel about trying new things, getting along with siblings, problem solving, and also what trouble they might get into if they sneak into someone’s house or use someone’s things uninvited.

The artwork by Alexander Morris is fun and colorful.  The cubs are in pastel colors:  Molly is pink and Fritz is blue.  Kids will easily relate to the cute cartoons, as they follow a day in the life of two bear cubs learning to forage for themselves.  If Fritz continues to whine and get into trouble, Molly will have her hands full helping him learn to be self-sufficient!

Available from:

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Ezine - Guardian Angel Kids - August 2012

Children’s Ezine #GuardianAngelKids: August 2012 – Fun with Music
Guardian Angel Kids Ezine is open for submissions for Nov 2012 issue: Volunteerism
The New Alphabet Song Musical Flip Book by Lynda S. Burch and Photo Art by Lynda S. Burch and MarySue Roberts
God Will Take Care of You Music Video – sung by a two year old and his family, the Buctots
Visit Guardian Angel Kid today and and enjoy a child safe and ad free Ezine
 “Jenny’s Song,” poetry by Debra Mayhew – learn how to let your song out

“Canary Choir,” by Carol J. Douglas and illustrated by Lisa Griffin – overcoming obstacles

Guardian Angel Kids Ezine is a paying market. Submission guidelines

A Box with Bellows by Juilana M. Jones and illustrated by Clara Batton Smith – mother and daughter accordion bond

Featured Games from Guardian Angel Publishing books - GAME page
Fabulous Music Activities for Young Children by Kathy Stemke - develop creative intelligence

New Teacher Tips on How to Prepare a Lesson Based on Unit or Theme by Dorit Sasson, lesson planning is a skill

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Guardian Angel Kids Ezine is open for submissions for Dec 2012 issue: Courage

Guardian Angel Kids is an online interactive no ad ezine for kids #Children’sEzine

Enjoy Guardian Angel Kids Ezine beyond the monthly features with the interactive games

Select #GuardianAngelPublishing books come alive through interactive games
“Whale Songs,” by Shari L. Klase – The glory of the ability to sing
Challenge your child with word jumbles, word puzzles, and mazes at #GAKEzine interactive games

Not sure what #GuardianAngelPublishing children books to select? View book trailers #GAKEzine
Are your children interested in writing? Visit #GAKEzine, learn about writing opportunities
Guardian Angel Kids ezine 2013 Theme List and YES we are a PAYING market

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The Wishing Well by Kai Strand

Today I’m reviewing The Wishing Well, Another Weaver Tale, by Kai Strand, with cover art by K.C. Snider.  This is the second in the Weaver Chapbook series for ‘tweens about folks in the town of The Tales who are “word weavers.”  At the drop of a hat, or when asked, each person can weave tales, stories, riddles, poems, or fables to entertain and instruct.  Their last names - and sometimes their first names - are word-related as well.  The story is compelling from the first page and keeps your interest throughout -- I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished.

Poor Molly Minstrel is badly treated by her own mother and two sisters.  She’s required to do all the chores:  washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, chopping wood, running errands, even filling the water bucket from the well.  It’s much too much work for an eleven year old.  Fortunately, she has a dear friend named Riddle who helps her so she can enjoy some play time with her friends.  Since this is in the “Cinderella” theme, you wonder, along with Molly, why would her own mother and sisters treat her so terribly?  After all, Molly is family, not step family.  We wonder, too, until the end of the story.

There is magic in the story in the person of a small, ugly, blue creature called “Unwanted.”  Molly is kind to Unwanted and he rewards her with a wish.  How that wish plays out in the book reveals why Molly is badly treated by her family and how they work out their problems in the end. 

The story is entertaining, but also has important life lessons.  Kids will easily relate to the feelings of the children and the problems Molly faces.  They’ll see that others’ life experiences shape the way they behave, but also see they can be helped to change for the good.  The values of kindness, generosity, helping, and problem-solving are woven throughout the book along with the characters’ “word weavings.” 

I look forward to reading all of the books in this charming series.  K.C. Snider’s cover art is lovely and puts you right in The Tales.  You want to visit and you want to see more illustrations of life in this special place.  Thank you, Kai Strand, for a perfectly delightful tale.

Available from Guardian Angel Publishing.


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July 2012 Guardian Angel Publishing Book Releases

Announcing:  JULY 2012 Guardian Angel Releases (Click on Link for more details)
hardcover and softcover
Littlest Angels 
by Donna J Shepherd, artist Bella Sinclair.
What child hasn't dreamed of meeting the elusive Tooth Fairy, Santa, Sandman, or the Easter Bunny? Ava wants to invite them all to tea, but how can she? An imaginative tale sure to enthrall children for years to come. Boys and girls alike will delight in finding the hidden teacups and cookies in the fanciful illustrations and planning their own parties using the kid-friendly recipes and crafts included.
Animals & Pets
by Mary Esparza-Vela, artist Alex Morris
Two bear cubs search for food on their own. Fritz is grumpy. Sister Molly wants to catch fish but little brother gives her a hard time because he really doesn’t like water. Will he finally get over his fear of water?
hardcover and softcover
Littlest Angels
by Scott Spoonmore, artist Kim Sponaugle
The National Outer Space Explorers have a problem. The astronauts aboard the space station are low on supplies and they have no way to get them there. So they call on a very special old friend for help. Blast off and go on an amazing adventure, space truckin’ through the universe.  
THE WISHING WELL Another Weaver Tale
hardcover and softcover
Chapbook for Tweens
by Kai Strand
Molly Minstrel is treated worse than Cinderella by her mom and sisters. When Molly meets the magical creature, Unwanted, she wishes her problems away. However, you must first understand what you need before knowing what to ask for. Molly will have to look within for the solution to her troubles

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M E D I A  R E L E A S E
CONTACT:    Donna McDine, Editor-in-Chief, Guardian Angel Kids Ezine
For Immediate Release
Children’s Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Fun with Music – August 2012 Issue  
Welcome to the August 2012 issue of Guardian Angel Kids Ezine. We call it GAK because that’s the name of our gecko mascot!

This month we celebrate the Fun of Music. The GAK staff can’t think of anything more universal than children enjoying music. They learn to respond and participate to music at a very early age.

As a child, Guardian Angel Publishing and Guardian Angel Kids publisher, Lynda S. Burch, loved to sing in the choir, learned the piano, and taught herself to play the organ. She enjoyed playing in the high school band from 7th grade through senior year of high school. She played the clarinet, soprano clarinet, and alto clarinet. Ms. Burch also sang in the school chorus and smaller groups and competed around the state just like Glee.

As an adult Ms. Burch always made up songs and sang them to kids. One day she decided to write and record them instead of just singing them. These songs turned into over a hundred musical children’s books to be played on computers. Ms. Burch’s extended family from around the globe break into song about the weather, fun noodles in the swimming pool, or even a new alphabet song. What fun she has had with these musical books!

We hope you develop a love for music as much as Ms. Burch and the GAK staff have.  
Letter from the PUBLISHER:  Lynda S. Burch   
Featured Book:
The New Alphabet Song Musical Flip Book by Lynda S. Burch and Photo Art by Lynda S. Burch and MarySue Roberts

God Will Take Care of You Music Video – sung by a two year old and his family, the Buctots.

Children’S poetry, ACTIVITIES, SHORT STORIES, and articleS:
“Jenny’s Song,” poetry by Debra Mayhew – learn how to let your song out.

“Canary Choir,” by Carol J. Douglas and illustrated by Lisa Griffin – overcoming obstacles.

“A Box with Bellows,” by Juilana M. Jones and illustrated by Clara Batton Smith – mother and daughter bond through the love of the accordion.
“Whale Songs,” by Shari L. Klase – The glory of the ability to sing.

“Fabulous Music Activities for Young Children,” by Kathy Stemke – children need to learn the basics of music early in life to develop creative intelligence.

“New Teacher Tips on How to Prepare a Lesson Based on a Unit or a Theme,” by Dorit Sasson – lesson planning is a skill which takes focus and organization.  
Visit Guardian Angel Kid today and and enjoy a child safe and ad free Ezine.
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Please feel free to drop Editor-in-Chief, Donna McDine an email at and let them know what you think of Guardian Angel Kids and what you'd like to see in the future. They aim to please.
The Guardian Angel Kids Ezine staff and contributors look forward to your visit. Thank you for your time and interest.