Friday, April 6, 2012

Diligence the Dragon by Kevin Scott Collier

Diligence the Dragon, written and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier, is a “pre-Biblical Fable.”  It takes the reader back to the time of “Doubt,” before the Bible was written.  The story opens with a boy named Jezubah and a dragon named Diligence, living in harmony.  Though very different creatures, with diverse attitudes, they exist as friends.  While Diligence questions the origin and purpose of everything, Jezubah questions nothing.
aboutDiligence was Jezubah’s devoted friend and felt they were equals.  One fateful freezing night, Diligence lit a fire for warmth and asked “Who created fire?”  A Voice answered him, explaining that He had created everything and created Jezubah in His own image.  At once Diligence knew that there was a God above all.  He understood that his friend Jezubah, created in God’s image, was blessed.  

Diligence now knew he was created as the servant of Jezubah.  From that moment on, he ceased questioning and became God’s instrument to “open” Jezubah’s eyes to the Grace of God.  God marked the place where He spoke to Diligence with the Cross, which Diligence planted on his own mountain.

Dligence continued as a faithful servant to Jezubah.  The boy noticed that his friend no longer questioned, and asked why.  Diligence explained what God had told him.  He told Jezubah that he must believe and hope in order to see the world with new eyes from Faith.  When the boy grew to be a man, Diligence told him he must now become a messenger and spread the word of Faith.  As they left “Doubt” behind, they renamed it “Hope.”

This is a beautiful story for children just beginning their faith journey.  Kevin Collier’s warm and sensitive illustrations depict the bond between creature and man.  The story shows the path that man must follow from Doubt through Belief and Faith to Hope and trust in God.  This is another beautiful story from Kevin Scott Collier for young readers.

Available from Guardian Angel Publishing.


  1. It seems that Kevin always manages to put a new light on subjects and then illustrates his books in a delightful way that enhances the story. Thanks for the review!

    Topsy Turvy Land

  2. Sounds like Kevin has created a perfect allegory with beautifully painted pictures.