Friday, February 10, 2012

The Golden Pathway, by Donna M. McDine, Illustrated by K.C. Snider

The Golden Pathway, by Donna M. McDine, with artwork by K.C. Snider, is a captivating book about a sore subject in American history – the anguish of slavery.  This moving story shows young readers the courage of one slave owner’s son, David, who rescues the slave Jenkins from a life of beatings. 

David helps Jenkins after each beating, but knows he must do more than cleanse wounds.  He has to help Jenkins escape or suffer a slow death at his father’s hands.  The story grabs your heart.  You hold your breath, hoping David won’t be caught by his mean Pa.  You don’t breathe until the end, when Jenkins gains freedom through the underground railway.  David’s compassion and bravery will inspire others to do the right thing in difficult situations. 

K.C. Snider’s sensitive artwork is the perfect vehicle to convey Jenkins’ pain, David’s courage, and the threat they live under.  K.C. Snider exposes the reader to the unvarnished truth, the reality of that horrid past in her artwork, but also shows us conviction and hope shining in David’s face.

Donna McDine has bared a shameful legacy for us to deal with.  She’s done it with tenderness and care, brought us face to face with that ugliness and made it personal.  Then she’s given us high purpose and bravery in David, the shopkeeper Mr. Stump, and his fellow Quakers.  Their quiet determination to right this wrong, at great personal risk, inspires and uplifts us all.  This award winning story is not to be missed.

Available from Guardian Angel Publishing.


  1. This is a wonderful book for black history reading. It is interesting to read and kid friendly as well. K. C Snider is a jewel of an illustrator. And your review, Penelope, points out the memorable highlights.

    I believe this is a must read for all children.

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  2. An insightful review for an important book. The illustrations work in concert with the overall message. Thanks to the three of you!

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely review of Donna and KC's wonderful book, Penelope!

  4. Penelope:

    Thank you for your wonderful review of The Golden Pathway. We appreciate your time and thought provoking review.

    Margot, Nancy, and Connie:

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your heartwarming comments.

    All the best,