Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sea Turtle Summer by Nancy Stewart

As a newcomer to Nancy Stewart’s Bella and Britt series, I enjoyed Sea Turtle Summer without having first read One Pelican at a Time.  Being an environmentalist, beach lover, and teacher myself, I was impressed with how passionate the two friends are in appreciating and caring for their beach “home” and its marine life.  Scientific information on sea turtles at the back of the book will give students, teachers, and parents more food for thought.

While savoring a walk on the beach, Bella and Britt witness the rare occurrence of a sea turtle laying her eggs in daylight.  Knowing the sea turtle’s nest will need protection, the two girls hurry to the ranger station.  However, the ranger went home sick and now the girls must look after the turtle’s nest on their own.  Bella and Britt’s determination to save the sea turtle’s eggs will help inspire other children to safeguard the natural wonders and wildlife in their own locales.

The wonderful watercolor artwork by Samantha Bell is the right mix of realism and seeing the world through a child’s eyes.  One can feel the sand underfoot and between toes, and experience the waves slipping to shore beneath the rolling dunes.  It’s magical and carries the reader from page to page along with Bella and Britt on their mission. 

Sea Turtle Summer is a pleasurable read with the timeless message of sticking to your principles and using all resources at hand to accomplish an important goal.  Bella and Britt are strong and courageous in confronting the obstacles to protecting the sea turtle’s eggs.  At the end of the story you wonder what adventures the girls will have next and you want to be right there with them.

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  1. Such a wonderful post and incredibly said that we should everything with children's eyes in order to understand the real meaning of their perspective.