Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Sister is My Best Friend, by Nicole Weaver

My Sister is My Best Friend, a picture book by Nicole Weaver and illustrated by Clara Batton Smith, was a surprising treat.  What surprised me was that it is written in trilingual form.  Yes, each page of the story has three versions, written in English, Spanish, and French.  If you and your child are bi-lingual, you’ll have fun reading this book and figuring out what the words in the third language mean.  My daughter read it to me in English and Spanish, and then I read it to her in French.

The story itself is very sweet.  It celebrates the delight these girls have in growing up with a twin sister who is clearly a best friend and fun playmate.  The girls laugh, play, pretend, romp, help their mother, and enjoy outings together.  It is sisterhood served up in a double helping.

The illustrations add to the fun of the story.  In each panel you see the two sisters happily playing together and having a great time.  But it’s not all about play.  They also help their mother, as they care for each other, and even play with their big fluffy dog.  Their delight and enjoyment of each other is clearly evident. 

This is one book that you have to read at least three times to fully appreciate -- in English, Spanish, and French.

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