Monday, November 28, 2011 by Kevin Scott Collier

Kevin Scott Collier’s book,, is an inspirational book and helps introduce the concept of faith to young readers.  The story is compelling, the writing gentle and life-affirming.  I admit that tears may flow when reading this special book, but they will quickly become tears of triumph.  This is a good story for kids who struggle with being different and finding their own way.  I recommend it without reservation

I enjoyed reading.  It's a wonderful story for "tweens." Using the vehicle of an email from heaven, Kevin presents an unlikely communication between an angel in heaven and a boy on earth.  The angel, Bartholomew Pennington, unwittingly directs an email to the wrong Jordan Mink, not the one who died and is expected in heaven, but a young boy named Jordan Mink.  Bartholomew then stumbles into a mutually satisfying email correspondence with ten year old Jordan.  

At first, Jordan doesn't believe Bartholomew is an angel.  Bartholomew convinces Jordan by getting involved in his life.  Naturally, Heaven wants to close this heavenly communication breach.  However, the more Bartholomew learns about Jordan, the more he wants to help him with problems in his life and teach him.  He teaches Jordan important life lessons such as don’t judge by appearances, don’t jump to conclusions, “it’s not what we have but who we are,” one person can make a difference, and the importance of promises made and kept. 

Bartholomew helps Jordan overcome problems, make friends, and answers Jordan’s questions.  We all know the hardest question:  “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  Bartholomew explains that dealing with pain and suffering is a part of all of us.  Overcoming problems in life, dealing with loss, pain, and suffering has made us into compassionate people.  We become stronger people who can rise above the challenges and disruptions we face.  But when Jordan suddenly gets very sick, it's touch and go.  Bartholomew intercedes for Jordan and is able to exact a miracle to save his life.  In so doing, Bartholomew has proven his own worth and he is promoted to be Jordan's Guardian Angel.


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