Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking life one day at a time

My brother had AFIB and had a heart ablation to correct his arrhythmia last month.  On blood thinners, he developed a brain bleed requiring surgery to clear.  Then his heart arrhythmia worsened.  After a week in ICU his heart rate and rhythm is now stable.  The staples come out of his scalp tomorrow.  We have been by his side every day.  Each new day is a minor miracle.  We talk of the mundane and daily activities.  We talk of the past, what we shared, what we remembered.  We sang songs. We hugged and kissed coming in and leaving the ICU.  Life is beautiful and precious, especially shared with loved ones.  Hug and kiss coming and leaving, always.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grief and Sadness

This week has been a rocky one.  The pain I felt upon hearing of the tragic passing of my vet's daughter in June gradually decreased.  This week brought new pain from learning of another tragic loss of a twenty year old daughter.  How can anyone live with the loss of their beloved child?  The pain, grief, and sorrow must fill every part of their being.  Others want to help ease this profound suffering, but there is so little any one can say or do to help.  Only time passing can lessen the intensity of the pain.  Perhaps a dull ache, an emptiness, the feeling of loss will always remain; a permanent hole in the heart.  Yes, everyone experiences losses in their lifetime.  We try try to reach out in our feeble effort to comfort.  We ask what good can come of such suffering?  We hope and pray that the indomitable human spirit will rise up and embrace life, remembering goodness, kindness, and love.  May you who are suffering be comforted and supported in your time of need.